About Us

DERMASKIN™ is the result of a passion for the traditions of well-being and beauty rituals of oriental women, an infinite source of inspiration...

Pansly from DERMASKIN™ is a brand of organic and natural cosmetics.

We offer you a line of organic products inspired by the traditional beauty secrets of Berber women.

Natural and authentic, true concentrates of benefits for the skin and body, DERMASKIN™ Pansly Skin Care and Cosmetics will seduce you with their softness and subtle fragrances.

The Pansly skincare and cosmetics line from DERMASKIN™, is made from natural ingredients rigorously selected for their virtues.

Our formulations are the result of a long research process, both on ingredients, texture and fragrance.

All our formulas are developed in close collaboration with several laboratories involved in Ecological and Organic production methods.

They are purely natural products and in harmony with the Fauna and Flora for the good of all.

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Laboratory DERMASKIN™
172 Clemow Ave
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Contact: info@medica-homecare.com